Lumineye is a specialist contract manufacturer of nail polish ranges, nail polish removers, colour cosmetics, specialty chemicals and professional nail products. Craftsman like quality, supply flexibility and a client focused, end-to-end production service are all part of the Lumineye experience.


Based in South East Queensland and independently sourcing the world's finest raw materials, Lumineye supplies hand crafted finished goods for unique, customer specific cosmetic ranges in the retail, pharmacy and professional beauty industries locally and internationally. Producing, filling and packing your brand is our core business.


Professional nail and beauty distributors, salon suppliers, specialist cosmetic retailers, icon cosmetic marketers, general retailers, pharmacy groups, promotional companies, fund raising groups and marketing consultancies all over the world use Lumineye regularly to provide them with premium products, specifically developed for their markets in the most flexible quantities available internationally.

End-to-end Service

Developing a product range can mean coordinating several suppliers who do small parts of the entire process. Lumineye does all the hard work for you, has all the components in house and uses recognised specialists to assist with graphic design, decoration and printing. Directed by you, we can deliver a finished range for you from concepts or help with any individual parts of the development process. A single supplier for the whole process like Lumineye saves you time and makes things easy.

Providing a rare mix of premium raw materials in very flexible quantities, craftsman like quality and end-to-end production capabilities, you will discover Lumineye is truly your business partner, not just a supplier.

Lumineye can help with the whole process of developing your product range or simply parts of it. Producing, filling or packing your brand is our core business. Lumineye is indeed one of the cosmetic industry's best kept secrets.

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