Getting your range to you

Having spent so much time and energy putting your range together, we take extra care to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.

Finished goods can be packed in a variety of box configurations depending on your needs. We source custom made cardboard inners that suit a wide variety of our packaging. These boxes are then packed into outer cartons again to your requirements.

In retail supply chains these configurations reduce the risks and inefficiencies of handling individual bottles of flammable goods. Shipping finished goods to warehouses in these packs means good acceptance at warehouse handling level and easy ordering for stores.

All dispatches travel with the appropriate DG documentation; MSDS information is available at call. Whether it's one pallet to a warehouse or one box to each of 600 stores, we can assist you to move dangerous goods products through your supply chain as part of being a responsible industry participant.

All glass packaging is shipped in air filled bags inside heavy duty cardboard cartons that ensures a track record of virtually zero breakages in transit. Need help in shipping dangerous goods to your customers? Whether it be providing advice on the paperwork required or carton labeling requirements, please contact us.

Shipping Dangerous Goods for Local and Export Clients

Whether you have requirements to ship dangerous goods by road, sea or by air, our extensive experience and network of contacts and suppliers can assist your product to travel safely and in full compliance with relevant legislation.

Lumineye is an accomplished shipper of dangerous goods by road anywhere in Australia and also has 2 certified associates capable of packing dangerous goods for shipment by sea. Lumineye import and export dangerous goods by air often and you are welcome to discuss this process with us in these hyper-security conscious times.

Ingredients Lists, MSDS Documents and Certificates

Each product in the Lumineye range has recently updated MSDS information that can be provided to our clients. Qualitative ingredient lists are provided for specified formulations for labeling purposes and Lumineye can assist with obtaining Certificates of Free Sale and Certificates of Manufacture by providing suitable documentation and technical information.

Lumineye can help with the whole process of developing your product range or simply parts of it. Producing, filling or packing your brand is our core business. Lumineye is indeed one of the cosmetic industry's best kept secrets.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.