What can we do for you?

  • Supply custom made nail polish colours, treatments and oils, nail polish removers and nail product ranges to your private label specifications as finished goods in pack sizes from only 5ml.
  • Provide an end-to-end production service for custom made nail polish, lip gloss and lip stick ranges from formulation and colour matching through to component supply, decoration, filling and packing.
  • Formulate and blend bulk oils, solvents and flammable liquids specifically for cosmetic and beauty applications.
  • Analyse, match and manufacture oil, solvent or other flammable liquid formulations from samples.
  • Contract blend, fill and pack solutions to specification from supplied formulations in pack sizes ranging from 5ml to 20 litres.
  • Supply 5ml-75ml glass nail polish bottles decorated or undecorated and a wide range of matching caps and brushes.
  • Supply a wide range of cosmetic packaging suitable for beauty applications
  • Match and blend nail polish colours and treatments from supplied samples or formulations.
  • Fill and pack bottled liquids into 5ml to 5000ml containers from 3 unit minimums per product to high volume runs of 30,000 units per day.
  • Provide technical comments regarding MSDS, label and dangerous goods shipping compliance especially for cosmetic and beauty customers.
  • Develop, source and supply great value, cosmetic based promotional concepts for gift with purchase, fund raising, events, seasonal themes, marketing or loyalty scheme activities.
  • Provide consultancy in the areas of cosmetic formulation, packaging, sales and distribution.
  • Provide project management services for the delivery of major cosmetic product based activities from third party suppliers including assistance with concept development, component sourcing, filling, packing and distribution.


  The benefits of working with Lumineye

Lumineye can help with the whole process of developing your product range or simply parts of it. Producing, filling or packing your brand is our core business. Lumineye is indeed one of the cosmetic industry's best kept secrets.

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