What you can expect from us

As a customer of Lumineye, you will discover we behave very differently to many other suppliers. This is a conscious decision to ensure you are never in any doubt that our focus is on delivering what you want and that your needs as a customer are our priority. These behaviours are a constant focus for all our associates, not just in their dealings with you our customer, but also with suppliers and stakeholders and each other as members of the Lumineye team. The behaviours you can expect from us are the simple things in business that mean the most.

Listening and following up means you receive what you actually wanted on your order not what we assumed you wanted.

Managing your expectations ensures you don't get any surprises or shocks at the most inappropriate time. We're not scared to tell you how it is, good or bad because it means you know exactly where we stand and where you stand at any time which has to be good for the right outcomes in the long run for both parties.

You depend on us to deliver quality. If we do not accept full responsibility for providing that quality expectation to you we would not survive as a business. The fact we are growing dramatically clearly demonstrates that you can be confident we take the quality of your range as seriously as you do.

Lumineye fulfil our commitments. Nothing disappoints one party to a transaction, no matter how big or small, faster than the failure of one group to make good on a promise. We do not over promise and under deliver, we simply make commitments that we keep.

The Lumineye business philosophy is one of adventure, innovation and enduring relationships. To enjoy the journey, we need to take a long term view of our role in each. In all our dealings with you, we will not take advantage of short term gains at the expense of our business partnership long term. We will always endeavour to act in the best long term interests of all parties regardless of the short term consequences.


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Lumineye can help with the whole process of developing your product range or simply parts of it. Producing, filling or packing your brand is our core business. Lumineye is indeed one of the cosmetic industry's best kept secrets.

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