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With 15 different polish bottles, over 20 caps and well over 300 component combinations available as stock items all year round, custom making ranges of nail polish and treatments is our core business. A majority of distributors to the professional nail industry source their private label polish from us as well as our OZOTIC™ brand being represented in over 500 stores nationally.

Now venturing beyond just the professional hair, beauty and pharmacy channels, Lumineye can provide you with premium product ranges and experienced assistance for the grocery, mass merchandising, general retail and fashion channels. With flexible production systems and a variety of polish formulations to suit any market, Lumineye can supply small volumes of super premium product in unit cartons or high volume, mass market products at rates that are highly competitive with off-shore manufacturers.

To make exporting nail polish easier, you will benefit from our experience in packaging ranges for the demanding overseas markets as well as Lumineye being qualified to provide a certified Dangerous Goods by sea freight packing service in-house for our export customers.

Originally Lumineye only bottled pre-mixed colour, we now source raw materials direct from Europe and the US to hand make high quality polish in small batches in our factory. All our colours are manually mixed from the finest base materials, we do not source any pre-mixed colours and simply bottle them.

With a massive range of colouring agents, this means we can make any colour you wish on top of our already formidable range of 350+ stock colours. Hand making small batches means minimum order quantities per colour are more flexible for you and colour consistency can be rigorously controlled.

You will be keen to know we currently supply several of Australia’s largest cosmetic manufacturers with polish ranges under their brands. These customers range from cosmetic marketers with their own concept stores and an international presence, to shoe retailers marketing polish as an accessory in hundreds of stores nationally through to boutique polish marketers targeting a super premium audience in beauty spas and fashion boutiques.

How good is the polish?

The polish itself is made from the highest quality, imported ingredients. In fact, there are a variety of levels of base material available from our international suppliers however we only use the highest, most expensive grade to ensure suspension and adherence are of a professional salon standard.

Currently we supply over 80% of the private label polish to the professional beauty salon market in Australia. For many years our product has been highly acclaimed and accepted by this most critical target market - nail technicians themselves.

Incidentally, we know a number of the high profile US ranges also source their colours from our suppliers of raw materials. As a Lumineye customer, you have the choice of base polish formulation most suitable for your target market. With new regulations in the EU in place, you can choose from our professional formulas or toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free polish formulas.

All our nail lacquer is hand mixed in small batches in our own factory to reduce waste and help maintain the polish integrity.

The pigments are high-grade powders, dyes and liquids sourced again from all the world's largest providers of these products. We only buy the best raw materials we can source to give you an outstanding lacquer experience in an industry segment renowned for over promising and under-delivering.

The result is a delicately produced, high quality product. In a market dominated by heavily promoted, minimum production cost, big international brands it is no surprise Lumineye Nailcraft Innovations is a the only source of exceptional quality, hand mixed polish in the region.

Packaging: The Hardware: Bottle, Cap and Brush

High quality packaging in this industry is a minimum requirement for success. You can choose from our many stock bottle styles and shapes from 5ml to 75ml.

As our bottle manufacturer also supplies the accessories, your customers receive a cap/brush unit that fits correctly and performs routinely. The bottles, like our base materials, are of the highest quality available internationally. After seeing and feeling the quality of the glass in hand, why not drop a filled bottle and be pleasantly surprised.

As well as superior bottles, we've supplied caps and brushes to the professional trade for many years without issue so you can be assured they are excellent performers. In fact our brushes are of a finer filament than stock brushes used in most polishes.

This allows your range to benefit from a 330 strand configuration (vs a standard 220 strand) which means a softer, more luxurious feel for your customers during application.

Decorating your Packaging

In many cases customers have us decorate their bottles with their own brands, a process we manage in-house. Depending on the components involved, we can coordinate for you the printing, stamping or labeling of bottles from your logo designs or labels or ask us for help with designing a logo that will suit your chosen bottle.

We enjoy a long term relationship with experienced graphic designers who have a significant track record in delighting our customers. With all the bottle shapes and sizes at hand, the designers have all they need to produce a high quality and functional result for you.

Glass fired ink finishes, screen printing and pad printed decoration of glassware and caps are all possible when you work with Lumineye to put your range together.

The Agitator Balls

It might seem strange to discuss agitator balls however each bottle of your polish will contain two stainless steel agitator balls as standard. An unnecessary detail perhaps as so many polish producers don't bother these days with balls at all.

We only use high-grade, polished stainless steel. Your customers expect polish to last (if kept properly) for years - why shouldn't that bottle of polish still deliver years from now? Better still, stainless steel means absolutely no risk of rusting to spoil the polish.


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