Our Proprietary Brands

Designed for distributors and clients looking for a great value and "ready to sell" range to work in with their other branded beauty ranges, Lumineye supply the OZOTIC™ Nail lacquer range to retail clients and the OZOTIC™ Pro range of nail polish, treatments, solvents, nail products and enhancements for the professional industry.

OZOTIC™ Nail lacquer

OZOTIC™ Nail Lacquer contains dramatic multi colour and holographic colour agents that impart a spectacular, colour changing effect to nail polish depending on the angle of the light.

As one of only 2 companies globally successfully using these colour agents, the OZOTIC™ range contains colours that are genuinely unique. The OZOTIC™ range is currently marketed through specialist cosmetic channels to make these unique colours accessible to polish customers.

Each bottle of OZOTIC™ is carefully hand made and bottled in small batches. As a small Australian company bringing you truly innovative products OZOTIC™ source the best raw materials from around the world to give you an outstanding lacquer experience.

The result is a delicately produced, high quality polish possessing rare, light refracting capabilities. Easy for you to use, exceptionally long wearing and an incredible gloss, that's the OZOTIC salon formula promise: sets | stays | shines.


The OZOTIC™ Pro range is a comprehensive nail product range designed with professional beauty distributors and their salon clients in mind.

A great value, high margin range including the full Lumineye colour, treatment and cuticle oil offer in 16ml bottles, OZOTIC™ Pro also provides the High Performance and Fast Set acrylic systems and an extensive range of removers and solvents. OZOTIC™ Pro offers professional beauty distributors the largest range of polish colours and treatments with minimum orders of only 3 bottles per colour.

OZOTIC™ Pro is supplied "ready to sell" which is ideal for distributors who prefer to leave the time and effort of branding and marketing a range to others. If you are spending too much time filling bottles, labeling containers or following up suppliers to see where your packaging is, you may be losing sales.

The basic raw materials cost of products filled in house by distributors is regularly and mistakenly the benchmark used as a comparison with the costs of sourcing product from Lumineye. The real cost of filling product at home or in the store room is the lost opportunity cost spending hours doing basic sourcing, filling and packing tasks when that time could be spent growing your business. If you would prefer to spend your time growing your business and leave these basic functions to us, then OZOTIC™ Pro may suit your business perfectly.

If you are spending too much time filling bottles, labeling containers or following up suppliers to see where your packaging is, you may be losing sales.

Lumineye can help with the whole process of developing your product range or simply parts of it. Producing, filling or packing your brand is our core business. Lumineye is indeed one of the cosmetic industry's best kept secrets.

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