Innovative Promotional and Gift Ideas

Nail polish is an indulgence and always popular when used for promotional and gift activities. One of our clients saw a 288% increase in sales response using our nail polish gift packs for a gift with purchase promotion, a far greater response than ever achieved with other products.

Lumineye can supply you with branded gift packs, specific promotional items or individual bottles either with your brand, a customer's brand or using our OZOTIC™ range of spectacular colours. As we manufacturer to your design, you can specify your needs from a wide range of packaging and colour options.

You can source individual products for inclusion in gift packs or ask for assistance in developing concepts to suit particular activities.

Nail Polish Gift Packs

Gift packs commonly contain 2-4 colours, with top coat or base coat are included in small packs with cuticle oils, buffers and other products. Nail products are an impulsively purchased item with gift packs delivering a high perceived value, yet low cost opportunity to a wide range of customer groups.

Shopping centre management groups, charities, mass merchandisers and gift retailers have all utilised nail polish gift packs as marketing opportunities. Excellent relationships with cosmetic bag manufacturers and lipstick, hand care and accessory suppliers here in Australia means we have the ability to make, source and pack these items all in house, providing an end-to-end promotional solution for you at any price point.

Please feel free to discuss how we can make this opportunity work for your business.


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Are you looking for great value promotional items with which to reward customers, raise funds or incorporate into brand activities?

Lumineye can help with the whole process of developing your product range or simply parts of it. Producing, filling or packing your brand is our core business. Lumineye is indeed one of the cosmetic industry's best kept secrets.

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